The village

At the foot of the mountain 'Terminio', 'Serino' is located just 7 km from Avellino, made up of 24 villages, 'Canale' is certainly not the only well-preserved historic centre in its identity after the earthquake of the eighties. A village of about 300 souls, most of them genuine farmers who carry on the rural tradition. And it is here that through alleys, doorways, arches, courtyards, which is the place of the quiet life that many envy. The natural springs water, the traditional lemon ice cream called ‘surbetta’ is to make this place, an old village stopped in time. But famous in a particular way. This village was the birthplace of the illustrious painter Francesco Solimena. The feudal castle, the oratory Pelosi family and the place of the ancient noble families framed by them. In time, this special event 'CanalArte' has become famous not only for the town in itself, but for the entire province of 'Avellino'. Both, 'CanalArte' and the Locandiera have chosen to make this town and ideal living.